The International Journal of Communications Law & Policy is a joint project involving:

- The Administrative Law Department of the Institute for Information, Telecommunications and Media Law (ITM) at the University of Münster, Germany

- The Information Society Project at Yale Law School, U.S.A.

Principles of Publication 

1. Innovation 

IJCLP is a journal of user, reader and contributor interaction, not of record (official policy and legislative statements are in any case hyperlinked). It does not seek to supplant paper dissemination as authority.

2. Copyright 

IJCLP is a journal of inclusive discourse: copyright constraints are limited to the good academic practice of non-plagiarism and accreditation. Articles appearing in IJCLP can be anticipated to later appear in paper format, where copyright will rest. In IJCLP, copyright rests with the author.

3. Reviewing 

IJCLP encourages innovatory writing, rather than standardised strictures. It is however rigorous in its application of reviewing: recycled and 'reheated' conceptualising will not be published. It is intended to create an environment of concentrated innovation which time constraints render impossible in the paper environment.

4. Style 

IJCLP will not permit non-referenced contributions, or tacitly condone non-attribution. The editors expressly encourage hyperlinking to current policy sources. Citations in law pieces should conform to the latest edition of 'The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation. For non-legal pieces, the IJCLP will adhere to the APA style.

5. Immediacy 

The editors will endeavour to deliver a manuscript via review, editing and copyediting in 4-6 weeks. This presumes that the article is delivered initially in publishable form. All exchange in the publishing cycle will be undertaken by e-mail to expedite delivery. Deadlines are therefore one month following the current issue, for the following issue.

6. Publishing Schedule 

IJCLP is published twice annually, for the time being in January and July.

7. Interactive Features 

IJCLP will contain:

- Articles
- Work-in-Progress
- Case Notes
- Legislative and Policy Analysis
- Conference Reviews
- Conference Abstracts
- Diary and Links to current legal and policy developments
- Commentaries on work-in-progress (where approved by the author)
- Reviews of printed publications and electronic publications.

Readers are encouraged to interact with authors, to submit reviews, analysis, papers and reports for consideration

Contacting IJCLP 

By email: contact Lead Editor Simone Bonetti


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